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Erotic Essense


A four week archetypal journey - a lifetime of self love & ritual

Erotic Essence is sacred dance space, with intention to be a safe and non-judgemental container, holding women through the exploration of their fullest expression. A space for sisterhood, self-love and reclamation of the divine feminine to blossom. This offering is for womb-bearers and female identifying people to feel seen, heard and held in their truest form. Reminding them of their divinity through their sexual expression, encouraging the self empowered, erotic essence to ripple out into the entirety of their lives. 


Sharni Hudson is a devotee of the embodied path and has dedicated herself to her calling; guiding women to experience anew their inner Goddess, celebrating and enshrining the sacredness of life upon an altar of their own sexuality and sensuality. With her deep sense of compassion and commitment she calls on women to explore the eternal innocence of their erotic essence through the integration of mythic and poetic archetypes; offering practical ways to weave the many webs of mystic teachings into the everyday flow.

Cultivating a deep and safe space for sisters to feel seen, held, witnessed, acknowledged and loved in a non-judgemental container, Sharni will guide you on an intimate journey through the depths of the divine feminine power that is your birthright.



Eros Philosophy



From Ancient Greek Ἔρως (érōs, “love, desire”)
The Greek God of love.
Physical love, sexual desire.

The embodiment of Eros (erotic expression) is the bringing of the spiritual fire into life in the physical world, surrendering in love to the power of what drives and draws you, bringing together the mundane and magic, the carnal and the creative.

Eros and erotic energy are fundamental forces, flowing far beyond the spaces between the sheets of love makers, existing within the tension between desire and desired, and through the acceptance and integration of these powers all things are brought into being; your dreams, career, creative art, and even life itself.

Erotic Essence is a sacred dance space, created with conscious intention as a safe and non-judgemental container, holding women in sisterhood through the shared exploration of their fullest expression.




"Sharni’s ability to facilitate and create a safe and expansive space allowed me to have such a profound experience with Erotic Essence. I didn’t realise how deeply I’d been carrying wounding around being “seen” - especially in my raw sensual expression and especially amongst other sisters. Sharni was really incredible at holding space and guiding me through releasing the deep emotions that surfaced. This experience was a true initiation into my fullest expression of the sensual wild woman within me, and a huge moment in the journey of healing my relationship with my sexuality. I’m so excited to continue with Erotic Essence and delve even deeper. I cannot recommend Sharni enough!"

"My experience with Sacred Sessions was mind blowing. To be witnessed by other women while in my sexuality was something I have never experienced before. The energy that was moving through my body during and after the journey was ecstatic. For the first time in my life I could honestly say I felt sexy, I felt proud to be in my body as a woman. After a period of losing touch with my body I felt the sexual energy reignite back into my being, a truely transformative journey."

"Sharni has shown me the power of my own sexuality and assisted me re-discovering my erotic nature just by being in her pure sexual energy. I'm so grateful for what she has shown me and i am looking forward to working with her again in the future."



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